Poulina was created in 1967, and starts its business with poultry farming.

Five years later, the group initiated a strategy of integration of principal industries leading with this field of activity such as: the import of breeding poultry and the distribution of processed products.

Successively, a diversification of its activities was boosted by investing in various sectors with high added value. 

Created 48 years ago, the Group involves on the December 31st 2014, 108 companies.

In 2010, PGH Set up a deep group restructuration by refunding its subsidiaries in nine fields of activities in order to make management easier and to share clear strategic targets of the development of each sector with shareholders, especially, after the success of the admission of the group in the Tunisian stock exchange market in 2008.

The nine sectors are: poultry integration, fast moving consumer goods, steel processing, packaging, real estate, public works, wood and home appliance, building materials, and trade and services.

Internationally, the Group has developed 24 subsidiaries abroad, mainly in Morocco (4), Algeria (4), Libya (10), France (2), Senegal (1) and China ( 3).