Agricultural range

Since the 2000’s,our company have started tube transformation development products first by the automotive exhaust spare parts, then by the cattle feeding products such as Cornadis, stall barrier, Doors, Cubicles, rack etc ...

According to automotive constraints, the first activity have been sold to local partner several years later but the second one have been developed thanks to the increase of European demand in the last ten years.

Nowadays, PAF start new developments of in the agricultural sector which involves Horticulture equipment such as (Multichapelle Greenhouses, Anti-hail posts and vines posts).

In the future, the company aims to cover several activities in the agricultural sector to make available to our regional customers necessary means which allow them reaching economical production costs and both safer and faster productivity.

Agricultural range     Agricultural range

Our agricultural customers will have a wide range of product choice which involves:

  • Cattle farming furniture.
  • Equestrian and Horse farming furniture.
  • Multichapelle Greenhouses.
  • Vine Post .
  • Anti hail Posts.
  • Harvest trolley.
  • Palm climbs.
  • Any other specific product serving farmers and ranchers

Products     Products