PAF have developed since a decade a wide range of scaffolding solutions thanks to its experience in product’s subcontracting to famous scaffolding and formwork companies according to the recent French and European security standards.


PAF offer a range of light props which allows various heights' usage and is suitable for all ceiling heights.

Our props offer a high potential of loading. Moreover, our large capacity of production enables short time delivery in compliance with standards in force.

Using Charge

Load in Tons (acording to height in mm)

SNE 300170030001,441,351,171
SNE 350200035001,441,261,080,72
SNE 400220040001,441,170,810,54
SNE 450250045001,2610,720,540,36
SNE 500280050001,260,90,630,450,27

Metalic Supports Metalic Supports

Shoring tower provides an opportunity to make adjustments in the cylinders. The PAF Shoring Tower is the universal system for most varied tasks . Through its diversified sizes ranging from 1.5 m to 3 m, the PAF range of shoring towers offers supreme flexibility in width or in depth. With few elements, all the multidirectional design of this shoring allows for absolute adaptation of the charges' recovery surface of the carrying capacity of amounts and is convenient for all construction situations.

A range of shoring 1,5m and 10 m,

  • 3 different Triangles allowing easy management of heights
  • Possibility of auxiliary pin holes to be carried by crane into your sites

Metalic Towers Metalic Towers

Our scaffolding can have multiple applications. It is particularly used in the work construction and outdoor work. The simplicity of deployment joined with the speed of implementation pave the way for time saving while taking into account the aspect of collective security and protection of the construction's workers .

  • PAF ‘s Scaffolding Standard or as customer needs
  • Our business covers the facade or scaffolding Multidirectional
  • We have our own Steel scaffolding plank profiling line with width range from 300 mm to 500mm.
  • Fast and Easy assembly.
  • Assembly With interlocking
  • More security.
  • The very high rigidity of the diagonals reduces in practice the anchor points.

Scaffolding Towers Scaffolding Towers