Drawn Tube

Precision Steel Tube is the premium product of PAF Company and represents the outcome of more than 35 years of hard work which hold PAF to the highest level of steel tube technological expertise. In fact, it is a big honor that PAF succeeds to be one of the first African companies to set up this difficult technology and to sell its products to famous company’s brands in mechanical and automotive components fields of activity.

The tube cold drawing has been developed thanks to the continuous technological developments realized, both in chemical steel surface treatments operations than in continuous heat treatment suitable for each steel grade which can be lowly allied or not. The technological leap has been naturally boosted by the military research and development and mainly by the automotive components industry in the last decades, which are facing continuously to tough industrial requirements. Thanks to these factors and to its own expertise, PAF is able to produce suitable precise tube with dimensional, mechanical and surface roughness in perfect accordance with customer’s specificities.

The development of this activity allows to PAF to be in touch with different new sectors and to update its means of production and process development according to demanding customers.

Besides, different tube shaping operations such as (cut to length, laser cutting, punching, necking, etc..) can be offered to industrial customers in order to produce specific ready to use tubular components.

Drawn Tube  Drawn Tube

The site of Bordj Cedria began production in 2007. It is a site specialized in cold drawn steel tubes, welded one, or even manufactured from seamless hollows. Its annual production capacity is 5,000 tons.

Final tubes are mainly used in automotive components industry such as (dampers, Bushing, Cardoons, Gearbox) and other special markets like Heat exchanger, Hydraulic Cylinders and precision metal construction industries, Which become recently interested in developing drawn tube to fulfil their specifically technological needs.

The means of completion that this site offers (heat treatments, surface treatments, length -cutting, laser cutting, punching), allow to deliver products in the form of finished parts.

Why Drawn Tube ?  Why Drawn Tube ?  Why Drawn Tube ?

The factory’s Equipment includes facilities that allow:

  • Chemical Surface treatment
  • Cold drawing operations.
  • Cut to length.
  • Continuous Heat treatment.
  • Straightening.
  • Weld seam NDT Control.
  • With the collaboration of our partners and under our supervision we can also offer the following services:
  • Tube forming
  • Paint and electro zinging coating.

Means of production  Means of production  Means of production

The Quality Control Laboratory set up in the cold drawn tube mill involves calibrated equipment for controlling and following test:

  • 2 tensile and flexural testing machines (10 and 40 tons ) for pipes and steel sheet
  • 1 tool Park for internal and external dimensional control

To respond to the requirements of the organization & the environment required by carmakers system, PAF has implemented a management system which complies with the requirements of quality standards ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 respecting the environment.

Any product shipped from the factory is accompanied by a certificate of product factory CCPU.

Quality of drawn tube