Tube finalized

To minimize the negative impact of hard competition in steel tube manufacturing, PAF has decided from the end of the 90’s to diversify its range of final products and to seek new customers in growing field of activity like scaffolding towers, cattle feeding furniture, Green houses, urban furniture, metallic props, safety barriers, etc ...

considered as the national leader of steel tubular manufacturing and transformation producers by thanks to its Total Productive Maintenance and Total Quality Management expertise.

  • Equipment Access height
  • Urban furniture
  • Farming equipment (bovine, porcine, etc ...)
  • Welded various products:
  • Greenhouses
  • Vines Pot

Products developed according to customer needs And new in 2015

  • The tube cutting laser through our Laser Tube and the many possibilities offered by this industrial cutting technique.
  • Bending and punching the tube in all its forms by combining different existing bending techniques.
  • The flattening, punching and crushing continuous tubes

Tube finalized  Tube finalized

The tube laser cutting is the most recent technology in tube transformation and holds our company to a higher technological level which requires tough precision control, not only in tube production but also in material choice steel grade.

In fact, this technology allows better accuracy (± 0.2mm), process repeatability without dispersion and allows to, imagine in the initial product conception, new types of cutting and tube assemblies, which are easier and faster than traditional tube shaping methods.

Cutting program is developed in our design and methods office, and then transferred electronically to the machine.

The tube is stored in the store of the machine, then it is brought to the chuck. The rotatable chuck clamps the tube at its end. At the other end of the laser, the laser beam cuts the material. A final section in the periphery of the tube makes the length piece which is then evacuated.

The cutting is realized by the use of a gas shielding of two types:

  • Oxygen (classical)
  • Nitrogen cutting, white cut (no oxidation for Steels and the stainless)

Tube laser cutting has various advantages:

  • Dimensional Accuracy.
  • Production Increase.
  • Cutting quality flawless (except in special cases)
  • scrap and trash output.

Maximum thickness

stainless steel : 6mm

steel : 8mm

15 kg/ m Linear

rectangle tube

a circle of170 mm max. with side min. 10 mm , max coast. 140 mm difference between the coast and 110 mm max.

Tube length

3200 min to 6500 mm max.

Round tube

Ø min : 12mm /Ø max : 140mm

Square tube

12x12 to 120x120 mm

Our products, both manufactured by our facilities than subcontracted by our partners, are following their respective quality control path initially fixed by our Quality Assurance Department. He is the first responsible on the respect of the quality standard to which PAF product’s should fulfil.

Quality Operator controls semi finished products even by our subcontractors such as (galvanizing, painting or profiling mills). Thus, PAF guarantee continuous quality control chain during all the transformation process beginning by the prime material purchase to the goods shipment or delivery to our final customer. Our partners trust us because we know how to be demanding.

Quality  Quality

Fixed and variable radius

A CNC bending machine

Bending capacity for each tube diameter starts from 13mm up to Ø 50 mm with external punching possibility directlly on the same machine.

Material Quality

Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Wall thickness

2 mm MAX

Round section

50 mm max

Tube length

Min 250

Max 7000